Lean Fox Solutions will meet with you to discuss a custom plan based on your needs, however here’s a brief overview of the services we provide:

  • Lean Management for Healthcare Leaders Workshops
  • Physician Practice Lean Assessment
  • Hoshin Strategic Planning
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Kaizen Events


Hospital Solutions

As an example, in the Emergency Department (ED) our clients have experienced:

  • reductions in patients Left Without Being Seen (LWOBS)
  • improved patient flow (a significantly higher percentages of patients are moving through the ED in 90 minutes or less)
  • reduced waiting times for patients to be seen by doctors
  • reduced incidents of patients who missed the registration process
  • higher patient satisfaction


As a result of our LFS assessments and VSA workshops, ED teams (including representatives from all critical departments) identify and work on projects to eliminate non-value added waste.  The President/CEO, Board and Staff members that we have worked with have been very excited about the progress and improvements that have been achieved by the teams in just 30-45 days.  Patients of these institutions have expressed delight with the efficiency of the new processes, the quality of care, and how quickly they were treated and released, or admitted for their issues.

Practice-Based Solutions

In our clients’ lean practices, the patients get exactly what they want and need, exactly when they want and need it. The quality of care provided is notably higher. Their staff and physicians are more relaxed, the doctors have what they need when they need it to provide the best possible care to the patient, and the patient is in and out of the office in predictive and significantly less time than before Lean was introduced.

Our client practices are more efficient, with overhead well below the norm.  They wish they had implemented Lean thinking into their strategic plan years ago.

We help our physician clients transform their current practices into ones that are more efficient, productive, and satisfying for their patients, staff and physicians. By partnering with our clients we have helped them:

  • reduce the number of errors
  • significantly reduced and virtually eliminated waiting times
  • increase effective patient education
  • increase revenue
  • increase profits
  • establish an internal culture which sustains continual improvement