July 1, 2013

New handbook on process improvement for healthcare offers tools for navigating Affordable Care Act demands

by Lean Fox

Chelsea, Mich.- July 1, 2013 – Three Lean experts are offering healthcare professionals across the nation a helpful guide to process improvement under healthcare reform.  Their book,  Practical Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare: Using the A3 and Lean Thinking to Improve Operational Performance in Hospitals, Clinics and Physician Group Practices, offers tools and outlines the steps necessary to reduce waste and improve efficiencies in healthcare companies.

According to authors Todd Sperl, Rob Ptacek and Jayant Trewn, “If you build a culture of continuous improvement, your health organization will adapt better to change and uncertainty.”

With the Affordable Care Act, payment structures are changing, and more people will have access to health coverage.  Physicians and healthcare organizations will need to adapt to higher demand and new reimbursement models.  Sperl says, “the successful implementation of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma will help provide quality care for more patients with no or minimal staff increases, because it reduces waste and variation in all types of healthcare processes.”

Ptacek says, “This is the first book that provides a common sense approach to problem solving in healthcare by bridging the gap between a highly quantitative analysis of the Six Sigma process that requires extensive training, and Lean Thinking-a more simplified approach to continuous improvement.” Trewn adds, “This book was written so that no matter where you are in your process improvement journey, it can assist in your efforts to improve the patient care experience.”

The Affordable Care Act is estimated to extend coverage to 16 million more people by 2014 reports Kiaiser.org.  And according to Heritage.org , on average Medicaid only reimburses doctors 56% of the market rate for medical procedures.  Dr. Ernest Yoder, Dean College of Medicine, Central Michigan University, says the book is, “ a must-have for healthcare professionals seeking a useful, clear-cut handbook for process improvement methods and tools, complete with case studies and examples.”

Published by MCS Media, Inc., the book is now available at Amazon.com and TheLeanStore.com for $17.95.

About the Authors

Todd Sperl, MS, is owner and managing partner of Lean Fox Solutions, a value added provider of Lean and change management experts that help healthcare organizations improve the patient experience while providing a positive return on investment. Todd is adjunct instructor of Healthcare Management at Oakland University.

Rob Ptacek, MM, is president and CEO of Competitive Edge Training and Consulting, a firm specializing in leader and organizational development and Lean Enterprise transformations. Rob is an adjunct instructor of Management Principles, Total Quality Management (TQM), and Lean Champion Certification.

Jayant Trewn, PhD, is a Lean coach and advisor at Lean Fox Solutions and adjunct professor of Quality Engineering at Lawrence Tech University. He has over a decade of experience building healthcare & service delivery process improvement programs based on Lean, Six Sigma and PDCA concepts.

Practical Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare-back of book

Practical Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare

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